The most important sports tech you’ll ever wear

A validated system that gathers accurate head impact data for you

The Nexus A9 sensor records individual head impacts, which are uploaded to the Nexus Portal. This information will help you determine trends and develop strategies.


HITIQs software delivers a platform for measuring and managing head impact exposures. The Portal allows users to accurately quantify exposures across individual players, positions, periods and drills.

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The process

Player wears a custom-fit, custom-calibrated Nexus A9 impact sensor.

Player experiences a head impact, and the Nexus A9 sensor registers the data.

Independently validated machine learning algorithms classify the data as a true impact event.

All data collected from players syncs to their Nexus portal; a secure cloud storage for easy access.

Administrations, doctors, and teams assess the data, which enables strategy based on patterns and trends.

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The Nexus A9 system has been independently
validated by the University of Canterbury.

The Nexus portal enables the formation of integral, game wide insights


Pin-point the moments that make the biggest difference

Identify positions, players, or training drills prone to high-frequency head impacts. Factor these into training timelines to ensure players are at their freshest by game day.

Compare data and strategy across players, teams and leagues

Develop a united front in raising your game’s standard of care. Leverage game-wide insights to keep your care model at the pinnacle of player wellbeing strategy.

Inform future training and game-day care models

Reduce danger where you can and enhance player safety. Let your real-world decisions be guided by data you can trust.

Forward thinking, for you

Our vision extends to an end-to-end head impact managment system. Surveillance, assessment, and rehabilitation - all by HitIQ.


CoVR is a virtual reality based cognitive and oculomotor assessment platform. The VR environment offers an immersive experience to the user. CoVR identifies impairments across domains including hand-eye coordination, memory, and decision making. CoVR will form part of the HITIQ concussion management ecosystem creating a synergetic relationship with the Nexus A9 Impact sensor.

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