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New clinic to treat young people suffering from long term concussion complications

The announcement earlier this month that a new clinic is to be opened in Sydney to treat concussion is welcome news.

The clinic, which will be based in the Royal North Shore Hospital will specialise in the treatment of young people suffering long term issues that stem from concussion. Head impacts amongst young people are increasingly under the microscope. This is because their consequences could have greater long term implications than those of adults.

Research suggests that, as the brain is still developing in young people, head impacts during these developmental years can have severe consequences. If not recognised and treated sufficiently, the chances of a concussion recurring from a subsequent impact are increased. The signs and symptoms are sometimes harder to spot in young people which leaves them open to greater risk. Facilities such as the one opening in Sydney are therefore important in terms of understanding the implications of concussion, supporting patients and developing treatments.

The story, featured on, highlights the issues suffered by Jack Winchester. Jack suffered three concussions whilst playing water polo. This had a significant impact on his sporting, academic and social life.

HITIQ has recently launched a new partnership with BUPA dental which will give junior and amateur athletes, like Jack, access to its impact and concussion management technology. Click here to find out more about the partnership Bupa Smart Mouthguard partnership.

In addition, HITIQ's concussion management platform CSX is available for schools and community sports programmes. The system provides support in terms of monitoring and management of concussion and return to play protocols.

To learn more about CSX and how it can be implemented at a school or club visit the CSX page.

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