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Laboratory Validation of HITIQ Mouthguard

In sports where contact and collision are frequent there is a risk of concussion and the long term effects of multiple head impacts. When looking to minimise the risk caused by such incidences it is important to understand what type of impact has occurred, whether the forces were linear or rotational, and how those forces effected the brain.

The study Laboratory Validation of Instrumented Mouthguard for Use in Sport by Stitt et al, 2021 did just that, it assessed the accuracy of the HITIQ Nexus A9 mouthguard against reference sensors in an aluminium headform. This type of validation study gives confidence that the applied technology can be used in a way comparable with more sophisticated lab technology that cannot be used in competitive sport. When comparisons were made between the HITIQ mouthguard and the reference sensors across a variety of impacts the agreement was over 99 %. This again shows there is great opportunity in the use of instrumented mouthguards in tracking and responding to head impacts during sport.

The full research paper can be downloaded below:

Stitt et al., 2021, Laboratory Validation of Instrumented Mouthguard for Use in Sport