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HITIQ awarded a second Australian Innovation Patent

We're pleased to announce that we have secured an important Australian Innovation Patent for our next-gen concussion management technology.

The patent has been awarded for our smart mouthguard with new heart rate monitoring functionality, and provides protection for planned future technology generations as we build our eco-system of products for the world’s first end to-end concussion management platform.

Australian Innovation Patent

An Australian Innovation Patent (Patent No. 2021107530) has been awarded for “A Protective Mouthguard Device Configured To Enable Measurement Of Circulatory System Parameters”.

Key features of this patent cover the use of light emitting and light sensor components in a protective mouthguard that enable measurement of the wearer’s physiological condition. These include:

  • One or more light emitting components emit light at a controlled wavelength into the wearer's bodily tissue
  • One or more light sensor components sense the light, as affected by interaction with the bodily tissue
  • Data is processed to generate metrics representative of physiological condition (for example heart rate).

Platform and product technology extension

This new biometric tracking functionality and the associated IP protection is part of our continued technology innovation and eco-system development, targeting a leadership position in concussion healthcare and mouthguard technology.

We plan to incorporate this technology extension into future generations of our smart mouthguard to deliver a sophisticated and improved analysis of athletic performance, including the potential effects of head impacts on other bodily systems.

"This is a valuable product enhancement for our customers that will ultimately make its way into future releases of HITIQ concussion management technology. Data and innovation is at the core of the Company’s focus to transform the concussion healthcare space, so I am pleased that we are able to evolve quickly whilst protecting our first mover advantage.

The team is currently working through our product development protocols which will determine when the new functionality may be made available to new and existing customers."

Mike Vegar


Global Opportunity

The newly awarded patent presents a significant milestone in HITIQ’s intellectual property development strategy as it targets the $5 billion global addressable concussion management market.

HITIQ’s patent portfolio currently comprises fourteen patent families, with numerous applications pending in various stages of the patent process globally.

The portfolio continues to grow and expand, with five international PCT patent applications pending, and seven provisional applications lodged in the last year. The patent portfolio covers numerous facets of HITIQ’s technology framework, including hardware, manufacturing and calibration techniques, and data processing methods.

View the full ASX announcement here

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