The virtual reality concussion assessment platform

CoVR delivers an immersive cognitive and oculomotor assessment tool

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Immersive experience
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Comprehensive assessment
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Gamified testing

The CoVR experience

  • VR environment offers an immersive user experience
  • Gamified testing assesses cognitive and oculomotor performance
  • Assesses various domains such as processing speed, memory, and decision making.
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The CoVR system

  • Is based on established neuropsychological scientific principles, calculating deficits and impairments identified and extracted through the application of a cognitive load
  • CoVR Forms part of the HITIQ concussion management ecosystem creating a synergistic relationship with the Nexus Smart Mouthguard

Crusaders and HITIQ

“Using the Nexus portal, it's easy to see impact loads and therefore what members of the squad need in terms of training or rest. We can relay these messages to the performance team after a game and create a plan for athletes to implement.”

Crusaders case study
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